Utensils & Accessories

wood spoon, american maple spoon, american spoon, maple spoon, spoon, pure spoon, healthy cookwareShop Wood Spoons!

Our spoons come from a true-life “yours, mine & ours” story. Husband and wife, with fourteen kids between them, run a woodworking shop in Indiana. When we visited, we saw the way each spoon is completely made by hand, from the cutting from wood on a band saw, to the turning on a 1800’s lathe, to the hand-sanding. Creating wares from American maple wood picked up at the lumberyard a few miles from the wood shop, our spoonmaker recycles all his scraps, making his carbon footprint absolutely tiny.


cotton towels, pure cotton towels, dishtowel, ragShop Towels!

When we decided we wanted to offer towels (since some of our wares, like the copper and iron, shouldn’t be popped into the dishwasher), it was imperative they be hyper-absorbent and work the very first time you use them (not after the 195th wash). So we discovered an artisan working in New York who was willing to find the very best quality cotton, pre-washed, pre-shrunk and open to embroidering our little phrases (or custom ones if needed). We’re thrilled to announce these towels are the outcome, and they work like a charm. The very first time you use them.