What does that mean? Pure, local and made from scratch?

Well, it’s pretty transparent.

Pure, safe, healthy materials: solid copper, tin and iron – no alloys.

Local: everything is made in America, sourced as close to us in Wisconsin as possible, and anything we can’t do ourselves (like pour the iron handles or spin the copper bodies) is done by family owned and operated companies here in the USA.  It feels great to know we’re supporting real jobs and real families, and to know our pieces are made right with the materials we want to offer.

From Scratch: Sara started this company from scratch, and have been building it slowly with help from amazing mentors. Everything you get from House Copper is drilled, riveted, hand-tinned and polished by yours truly.

We believe that knowing what you cook in is just as important as what you’re actually cooking. 

To Order:

Call 414.377.4773 | Mon-Fri | 8am – 5pm CST

Email: housecopper@gmail.com

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If you need your copper pot re-tinned, buffed and polished, let us know! We love working with tin-lined copper and retinning it to make it work again for you. Call or email for a quote.