About Sara

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Your House Copper cookware was designed by Sara Dahmen, metalsmith, author, wife and mother of three. When Sara was researching a historical fiction book (it won awards!) she realized much of our wares are no longer available like they once were and no one was making American copper designs anymore. With a lot of hard work, she’s created the House Copper American copper cookware line using historical references from original American coppersmiths.pure copper cookware, american copper cookware, real copper cookware, best copper cookware, copper bowl, pure copper bowl



Not only does Sara hand-drill, rivet, hand-tin and polish each of your wares, but she also is an apprentice tinsmith to a master smith, where she works weekly with tools from the 1700 and 1800’s to recreate vintage reproductions of tin and copper. You can learn more about those pieces by visiting Backwoods Tin & Copper.

To learn more about Sara and her novels and books, visit www.flatsjunction.com