Why Copper?

The world is buzzing about food.

Where is it from?  How is it sourced?  Is it local?  Sustainable? Organic?

We like to go to the next step, and asks:  What do you cook it on?  Where is it made?  Who made it?  What materials is it made with?  Is is sustainable?  Will it last decades?  Is it energy efficient?

When you bring your carefully curated groceries home, do you stop there, or go all the way?

american copper cookware, copper cookware, tinlined copper cookware, pure copper cookware, copper, copperware, best copper cookwareWe know where our cookware is made.  We know who makes it, where the materials are found, and how it’s made.  (Because we make a lot of it ourselves!) We know it’s energy efficient, it’s pure, and it’s made local – right here in America, helping to keep small family owned and operated businesses alive.

Copper cookware is one of the highest performing cookware available in terms of conductivity speed (it’s 25x faster than stainless), purity (no alloys!), and energy efficiency. You need less heat, for less time, which is nice on your energy bills and the world. And since copper cookware is renewable, a simple copper tinning rehab will keep your copper going for hundreds and thousands of years (there’s a reason they dig up copper ewers used in ancient Egypt…). Which is probably as sustainable as you can get.

We believe in what we make in our tiny shop in Wisconsin. We want you to have a slice of history – past, present and future – all while cooking with the copper cookware forged in your backyard.