Raw Oiled Cast Iron Skillet


Our raw 8” cast iron skillet weighs approximately 4.5lbs and has been heated and coated with organic flaxseed oil. The interior has been hand-sanded for a smoother finish, but the seasoning is up to you!


This raw-seasoned cast iron skillet needs to be pre-seasoned. It has been heated by hand over an open fire to 200°F to destroy the microscopic water particles on the pan that will cause rusting in a completely raw iron pan. After heating, a single, thin layer of organic flaxseed oil has been rubbed in. No additional heating processes happened after that, which is why the pan may feel slightly sticky.

12.5″ end to end, including handle
8.5″ spout to spout
8″ diameter
1.75″ high

You may heat and wipe the oil out and start with the raw iron to season to your preferences, or you may start your seasoning process with the oil as your first layer in the heating.

Please follow the care instructions below to ensure your cast iron remains properly seasoned once you season it. If you wish to strip your skillet and start fresh at a later date, visit www.housecopper.com to view stripping and re-seasoning instructions.

• After using, wipe out excess oil and food with a paper towel or napkin
• Hand rinse the interior of the skillet with warm water (mild soap if you prefer)
• You can use a soft cloth while rinsing
• Wipe a very light coat of oil on the pan while it is still warm from washing to stave off rust
• Dry

Please take care to NOT do the following to your cast iron skillet:

• Do not place in the dishwasher
• Do not use any cleaning chemicals
• Do not put in the microwave
• Do not use abrasive scrubbing towels or metal cleaning pads
• Do not put cold water in a hot pan. Let it cool or heat slowly


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