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Did you know American copper cookware production had all but disappeared until a few short years ago? That’s right – it was nearly dead! We started House Copper knowing we wanted to bring it back.


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Copper, Cast Iron, Pottery and Wood.

Copper Bowl

Our 5 quart copper bowl is hand-made in America, spun in 3mm thick copper with a hand-hammered handle made by a Vietnam veteran.

Copper Skillet

Our 12″, 3mm thick copper skillet is hand-made in America, and is the only kind in its size, strength, and thickness. The original American coppersmiths created this particular shape as one of the first pieces they’d make in their apprenticeship.

2 Quart Copper Pot

Our 2-Quart, 1.5mm copper pot is designed to match the original copper cookware built during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s in America.

3 Quart Copper Pot

We wanted to create a piece of cookware that would easily serve at least 4 people, fit in a condo if needed, and last generations. Great for anything from sauce to mac and cheese, our 3 quart, 1.5mm thick tin-lined copper pot is built to do real work.

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What Customers are Saying



"I got it [the copper skillet] and it is awesome. Cooked on it last night!"

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"Holy smokes. Just got the piece, and it's a work of art. I almost feel bad thinking about getting it messy, but I also feel bad keeping it in the box until [our anniversary]!!!!! Wow, thank you so much for your craft work. I have never seen copper ware anything like that (and I’ve seen a lot)."

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"I received my copper today. It is beautiful. Thank you very much. Also thanks for the art from your daughter."



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