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media appearances 

I've been fortunate, lucky, and grateful to have had wonderful and varied exposure - from local stories to international interviews. Read on for some inside scoops!

the power of saying... why not?

One of the messages I carry through most conversations I have with the media is how saying yes, even when you're afraid, can open amazing doors.

Most media coverage is about the copper cookware (or how I got here), my books, or both. From Forbes to Martha Stewart, PBS to NBC's TODAY Show, London's Root+Bone and Spain's Sirius radio, I've been absolutely thrilled to discuss all the nooks and crannies of my journey with everyone. My one hope? That something in this story inspires you - for you to tackle the world in the way you've always wanted. 

real life moments

"I started this because I wanted the experience of building something that could last thousands of years..."

"Here in her shop, Sara works the fire and brings heirlooms to life. As the afternoon sun cuts through the dust and smoke in the air, golden copper creations glow.
"'The made in America part really does matter, and I stay as local as possible to meet people and learn from them in person.' she notes."

- Our Wisconsin

"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.

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- monique, model


Check it out


A lovely article in the acclaimed Forbes gets all the facts right.

martha stewart

It was an honor to be interviewed for Martha - an avid copper collector herself!


A quick 2-ish minute segment (during the pandemic!) on the national show shows some fire!

Shape Magazine

making cookware healthy

"'I wanted to be the builder of my kitchen tools, not just the consumer,' Sara Dahmen says of why she became a coppersmith... 'Our kitchen tools should be as conscious a decision as our food food grown with the least impact on the environment, we should expect the same of our cookware.'"

"I want [people] to feel connected to people who've been cooking in copper for thousands of years."

"I use 200-year-old tools to build replica cookware... 

used in pioneer kitchens

- sara dahmen, from the inspired home magazine

in your ears


Karen Rands' podcast tackles the journey of entrepreneurs - like me!


A podcast all about makers; how and why and what we do!


A great chat with a UK podcaster, we cover life, copper, and more!

Local or national, the story of copper, writing, and life is ongoing.

near & far

While working with national press is amazing, it's also great to connect on the local level. I'm all about local, after all. Keeping our stories connected to our roots is always important!

old school

Colonial Williamsburg Collab

Craft & Forge is a new initiative with Colonial Williamsburg that connects old school life with makers and modern artisans. I was honored to be involved from the start. Read or Watch!

Science-y Chats with the Press


+ Epoch times

+ Popular science

+ mindbodygreen

+ Food 52

Always be Learning!

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I hope there are more people who pick up  

these trades.

- Sara in Martha Stewart

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