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Tinsmith & coppersmith convergences. Workshops. Weeklong immersions. 

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"There's a massive value in knowing where you come from. It is the way of humanity to pass on that knowledge."

- Sara Dahmen, Craft & Forge, Colonial Williamsburg initiative



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The 2024 workshops are now available!  Everyone will get hands on 1700 and 1800s tools, fire, metal, and more! Previous workshops have been awesome, and I can't wait to meet you in the copper shop. ALL HAVE LIMITED SPACE!

A great option for Wisconsinites or visitors to my neck of the woods, these classes are typically 90 minutes (or up to 2 hours) and allow for more people (up to 10) vs the multi-day workshops, which are limited to 5 participants. Everyone walks away with items built by your own hands!

Corporate team building, department events, or something a little unique for the whole group that isn't found anywhere else in the USA. With Sara's previous 10-years of running an event company, we're able to assist with every detail for your company's foray into metalsmithing and beyond.

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