About Us

Did you know American copper cookware production had all but disappeared until a few short years ago?

That’s right – it was nearly dead!

We started House Copper knowing we wanted to bring it back. Everyone should have one solid pot or kettle in their kitchen that will not only perform properly but also last untold generations. american copper cookware, american copper, pure copper, pure metal cookware, pure copper cookware

That’s what copper cookware does, especially if it’s made purely. Pure copper. Pure iron. Pure tin. Nothing else, just the plain, pure metal and you. It’s safe, it’s healthy, it’s green and it’s natural.

While most of the copper wares are made in Sara’s workshop, some of the pieces need to be prepared off-site (we don’t have the funds for a huge iron furnace or space for an industrial CNC machine). Sara’s gone to each foundry and workshop, met with the men and women who touch the wares, shook their hands and discussed the designs she’s created piecing together historical documents.

Where does it all come from?

The copper itself comes from Houston and is spun in Ohio, by family owned and operated companies.

The handles are poured in Lodi, California, also by a family owned and operated foundry.

The rest is handled in Wisconsin by Sara, the owner, metalsmith, and founder of House Copper. She drills, rivets, hand-tins, buffs and polishes each piece. It’s a lot of work, but worth it to be able to offer such transparency.

So now you know who made what you’re cooking in, and who made it.