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Had a wonderful time collaborating with the fabulous Katherine Martinelli on this piece for Popular Science on the myriad ways to clean copper cookware. We really got into the details of Dremel attachments and different “home” remedies. Enjoy!

Copper pots have long been considered the Ferraris (or Louis Vuittons, if that’s more your thing) of the cookware world. They come with a high price tag and look stylish hanging in a kitchen, but are also durable and prized for conducting heat more quickly and evenly than any alternative. Copper’s versatility makes it a hot commodity—so much so that people break into abandoned houses and loot the New York City subway to steal copper pipes. But as prized as the metal is, copper pots get a bad rap for being difficult to care for. The truth is: it’s not that hard. READ MORE.

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One of the most fraught debates in the copper world: what's the best lining for copper cookware? The answer: it's up to you!

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