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Here at House Copper, I spend my time divided between building and sending you brand spankin' new House Copper wares, building custom pieces such as sorbetieres and handmade mugs or cookware lids from scratch, and re-tinning and restorations. You can even mix it up - and get your pot re-tinned and a custom lid built for it, too. Can't wait to hear what you're looking for here!

Making the leap to tin-lined copper cookware (or buying some more) always comes with a learning curve. That's ok - it'll be worth it. And I'm here to help you along the way.

I'd never cooked in copper in my life until I started House Copper - and I'm a cook that doesn't always mince around carefully so I too had a lot to figure out. If my elementary school kids can cook mac and cheese in tin-lined copper without issue, you can do it, too! Can't wait to see what you own and need restored, or what you want built for your kitchen. Or if you prefer cast iron or just need some wood spoons, I got ya.

You're in the right place.

real copper

Solid, pure metal cookware, sourced, fixed and made in America with my burnt hands. 

There are currently several designs in the House Copper line. Some are seasonal, or only available a short time before they sell out. Other items are custom builds that slowly work their way into the batterie. Either way, it's all here to stay out of a landfill and be useful to you.

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Other Places to learn


If you are looking for some quick tutorials or want to see copper cooking in action, check out my channel!

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If you want to keep tips, tricks, history, and more at your fingertips, grab a copy of Copper Iron and Clay.

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Hands On

If you want to get in on some hands-on action and classes, be sure to sign up to be notified when classes next open!



It is important to me that all my cookware has a provenance and a story to tell, so it can be part of your own story.

I've always said that we should care about where our cookware comes from with the same fervor we care about the provenance of our food. Your cookware will often come with the date it was built in my shop, or what I was doing when I tinned it. And I'll always tell where my "ingredients" come from - like the tin, which is manufactured in Ames, IA.

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what's it made of?

All House Copper items - whether they are standard or custom - are built by hand here.

Beyond the basics

If you are here for the classic House Copper items, look no further. You can shop direct from here!

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Brand new House Copper copper (or anything else in the lineup here at the shop)

Raw Material List:
Copper - Houston, TX
Tin - Ames, IA
Copper Rivets - Markesan, WI
Ductile Iron Handles - Lodi, CA
Cast Iron skillets - Kaukauna, WI
Pottery - Cambridge, WI
Wood Spoons - Silver Lake, IN
Cotton Towels - Hamburg, NY

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“Copper is a superb cooking metal, conducting heat so evenly it has unparalleled control, especially at low temperatures.”

- Andrew Zimmern

pure cooking

real cookware

raw-oiled or fire-seasoned cast iron

Our skillets come straight from the foundry up the road. From there, it's all hands on deck + fire...

Our skillets are hand-poured from a hand-maneuvered crucible in the middle of Wisconsin. The iron itself is melted in a massive charge - a furnace bigger than a 2-stall garage - and poured into the molds I had made to my specs. Then friends come over, we fire up burn barrels in the yard, and hand-season or raw-oil your skillet utterly hands-on.

pure, hand-thrown, hand-painted pottery

Surely the item in your kitchen that will last like...20,000 years...just sayin'.

We have collaborated with a handful of artisans in Wisconsin who still throw pottery the old fashioned way (eg, like thousands of years old techniques). They hand-paint based on my designs pulled from traditional colonial wares, and build bakeware and cookware that will last eons.

The cooking details

Everyone needs towels, spoons, and more to make their kitchen a useful, viable space.

While I am not a woodcarver (my garage can only hold so many can my brain), nor an embroiderer, I have partnered with a few artisans around America to bring the details of a traditional pioneer kitchen back to life. Thank you for supporting them!


What I made building my first ever custom cookware.


What I made restoring a 1700s coffee pot.


The cost of raw copper against my HCC prices, before tinning, etc.

Tooling costs against the cost of one 2qt pot.


Ready to make the leap?


I can't wait to help you build your batterie!  Send over your comments, questions or custom hopes, and we'll connect on the best way to move forward. 



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