Product Care

Copper Cookware Care

Pure, healthy, safe and some of the most energy efficient cookware in the world, copper cookware is green and will last a long time (making it great for your wallet in the long run). These copper pots will be found in archeological digs in 5000 years!

Caring for your pure copper cookware the right way is critical to keeping your kitchenware looking as beautiful as the day you got it. Click on your product’s name to download fresh care instructions.

HCC Copper Bowl Care Card

HCC Copper Care Card

HCC Copper Cookie Sheet Care Card

HCC Copper Cup Care Card

Your copper re-tinning needs can be addressed by House Copper.  Contact

Cast Iron Care

Our cast iron is sold raw or pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil.

Have a House Cast Iron product and want to season it yourself?  We’ve got you covered. Download instructions here: HCC Cast Iron Seasoning Guidelines.

Caring for your HCC iron pieces the right way is critical to keeping your kitchenware up to speed. Download the care card below best matching your ironware.

HCC Raw Oiled Cast Iron Skillet Care Card

HCC PreSeasoned Cast Iron Care Card

Pottery Care

Pottery is an ageless art that stretches back ten thousand years! These pieces will last even longer than your copper cookware. Isn’t that amazing?

To make sure that happens, download the care card below for instructions.

HCC Pottery Care Card

Woodenware Care

Whetstone Woodenware, a husband and wife team with 14 kids between them (not a typo!), lovingly creates our wooden spoons.

To keep your spoons healthy, use the  HCC Spoon Care Card.

Softgoods Care

HCC also produces beautifully crafted towels.  For care instructions for your towels, download the HCC Towel Care Card.