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Sara, here

I rarely post about my own stuff on here, but I thought it time to give a shout out to one of the pieces in my cookware arsenal that is a veritable workhorse and gets very little of the limelight.


Yeah, those. The things that wipe up messes, dry hands, and wipe yogurt from the nose of your toddler.

You use them every day, and probably know some work better than others, but it’s not really something that’s part of a discussion around a dinner party.

Towels are everywhere. There’s the cute and funny ones with sayings that make you chuckle to yourself as you wander around a boutique, or the manly ones covered in hunting camo for the guys who decorate with their personal passion. (One of my brothers is one of these.)

Or there are those fluffy, absorbent, divinely huge ones that you dry off with after the shower.
Those rock. Those are what can make your bathroom experience feel just a tiny bit like a five-star hotel. One that someone else cleans. (I wish…)

But this is a blog about cookware, so we should talk about the towels you cook and clean with. I’ve come to realize I’ve inherited my mother’s requirements for a good kitchen towel. And like my copper cookware, I expect my towels to perform.

I kept that in mind when I went on a hunt for a good towel to serve as the base for my wordy ones (ok, I admit it, I wanted to do some cute funny ones myself). My mom’s list ran around in my head because I knew (and it did happen) she’d grill me about the qualities of the towel once I had them made.

First, the towels needed to be super absorbent. You know how you can buy nice towels and spend a good dollar on them? And then you take them out to use and they swish around the water droplets but barely pick them up, leaving you to dry that pot over and over and over and over before finally throwing in the towel (maybe literally) and picking an old one out that you know will do the job right.

Maybe that nice towel finally becomes absorbent and does what a towel SHOULD do about sixteen washes later. Annoying, yah?! Mine needed to work immediately from the very first go. Just like the copper pots.

So, they’re 100% cotton, and absorb like they were born thirsty.

My mom’s other requirement is that whatever the decoration is, it sure better not “shrink” once it’s washed up in the laundry.

OK, that one kinda worried me. Can you pre-shrink thread? I didn’t think so, but like any proper entrepreneur, I had to test a towel out before I put these babes on the market.

The care instructions I send along explain how to properly launder the towels…but even I can’t always follow them because, well, I have littles running in circles around me. Time is of the essence if any laundry is even going to get done!

So I didn’t even follow my own rules, and ended up throwing the towel in the washer with another load of laundry and then popped them in the dryer. Thankfully, the threaded wording came out with barely a pucker, if any.

Mom approval pending, but I think I’ve got it.

Wanna get some? Use coupon code THROWONE to get $5 any towel order. No limits. Good until Nov 1 2018!

Head on over: House Copper Towels

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