For those looking for custom work or specific restorations, say no more!

Sara can build you items from scratch (lids are a common request), work with you on hinges, or fabricate most things cookware in the traditional style of old-school coppersmiths.

And if she can’t do it, she knows someone who can!

PLEASE NOTE: Sara’s re-tinning queues are opening up starting in November 2021; please use the “Contact Us” form to request a place in the queues for coming months.

Recent Testimonials:

“Thank you for preserving a piece of our lives.” ~ Happy Montana customer
“I just received my two copper pieces and they look great. Can’t wait to use my new copper pans!! ~ Happy Wisconsin customer
“You truly are a lovely young girl and it has been a pleasure doing business.” ~ Happy California customer
“The custom sarbotiere looks fabulous.” ~ Happy Washington customer
“Thank you sooo much for all of your hard work and work with love and good energy.” ~ Happy Georgia customer