Q: Where are your products created?

A: Everything’s made in America, and much of the copper cookware is manufactured by the owners of HCC in their garage shop.

All our copper is sourced out of Houston Texas and spun in Ohio. We finish the rest ourselves. The handles for our copper bowls are hand-hammered by a Vietnam veteran and coppersmith in Michigan, while our ductile iron handles for the copper pots are hand-poured in California. Even our rivets are made in Wisconsin.

The cast iron skillets are hand-poured and formed in Wisconsin, just like our pottery. And our spoons are also a Midwest product – hand-turned and finished on a lathe from the 1800’s in Indiana by a small family company. Lastly, our towels are made by hand by a single artisan in New York. We keep it pretty close to home.

Q: When out of stock, how quickly can products be made and orders filled?

A: Most of the products, when completely out, can be made in a few weeks. Some things are weather dependent, such as wet weather. Damp air makes pottery hard to dry! Or when Harvey hit Houston, it was obviously pretty hard to get the copper sheet for several weeks. We usually make things to order, so when you put in for a copper skillet, we’ll likely manufacture it that week.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?

A: Yes, we do, and our 60/40 split is usually negotiable. We typically offer the copper cookware on consignment and with shipping options for customers. Call us at 262.235.3070 with wholesale inquiries.